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If you are looking for Wall Flanges (Stainless steel escutcheons) for tubing or pipe, also known as wall flashings, then you are one click away from incredible savings and selection on wall flanges in stock at prices you will appreciate.  Please visit for a wide selection of wall flanges or call us now toll free at:
1(800) 423-4771

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About This Product:

Wall Flanges (escutcheons) are made from 304 polished stainless steel in 18 gage, and are used as an end-rail at a wall or as a support for a short post. A flange can also be used as a plate or ring at the end of a pipe when fastened. It is designed for mounting pipes on to walls. stainless steel Wall Flange products are also made to specialize for either tubing or pipes as shown below. If you have any questions about this product or would like to place an order, please call L.C. Penner Company.

Tubing Wall Flanges                         Pipe Wall Flanges

WF .5" x 3"          WF 1" x 3"                                                                        PWF .5" x 3"          PWF 1" x 3"

.5" x 3"          1" x 3"                                                        .5" x 3"          1" x 3"

WF 1" x 6"WF 2" x 6"WF 3" x 6"                 PWF 1" x 6"PWF 2" x 6"PWF 3" x 6"

1" x 6"                2" x 6"                3" x 6"                           1" x 6"                2" x 6"                3" x 6"

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